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Deed Of Revocation

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As a donor, you may revoke the power of attorney at any time so long as you have the legal capacity to.  If you choose to appoint a new attorney, any former appointment becomes automatically revoked. If a donor chooses to change the Lasting Power of Attorney for financial or medical treatment, the donor is at liberty to revoke all the former Lasting Power of Attorney by completing a document called the deed of revocation. This document can be used to cancel an Ordinary Power of Attorney at any time after the power has been granted or a Lasting Power of Attorney at any time before the registration of the power and while the donor is still mentally capable, or in the event the donor regains their mental capacity after a loss. This document is very useful because it helps in avoiding any legal disputes or problems. The reasons as to why you wish to revoke the power of attorney do not have to be included in this document.
As a donor you should retain the original copy of the deed of revocation and give a copy to your attorney and request them to return their copy of Power of Attorney document. The power of Attorney is also revoked by the donor’s death, or if the terms o the power dictate that it is only set for a given period of time. When this set period lapses, the power becomes revoked automatically. Immediately the power has been revoked, you should inform the attorney and any other parties or organizations who have a copy of your documents such as health care providers or financial institutions.

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