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Special Power of Attorney is a powerful legal document that allows the donor to give an attorney the power to make decisions, or take actions in relationship to the donor's legal, financial and personal matters. Generally, it is set for a specific duration especially where the donor is unable to act due to some reasons, and wants an attorney to have the power to act on his or her behalf, during that particular time. It is important to note that, attorney's power in special power of attorney is only applicable in situations that the donor has specified to the attorney. This means that the attorney cannot go beyond the wishes of the donor. In addition to that, special power of attorney expires at the exact specified time or at any time, upon a request from the donor using a deed of revocation. It can also be cut short if the donor loses his or her mental capacity.
Special Power of Attorney can function in some situations like: in managing share, bond or other investment portfolios, in sale or purchase of a property when the owner or the buyer is abroad, and in managing bank accounts for sick or disabled persons. Special power of attorney cannot be made on behalf of somebody.  In circumstances where the donor appoints two or more attorneys, the signature or action of one attorney remains valid even if the other attorney is not available at sometime.The attorney should keep separate and updated accounts for the donor's financial affairs. Moreover, the attorney personal signature is required on all legal documents signed on behalf of the donor. 
The appointed attorney should always act in the best interest of the donor and can only do the things authorized by the donor. This means that the attorney cannot ask another attorney to act on his behalf unless in liaison with the donor. In some cases, an attorney for special power of attorney cannot be a bankrupt person.

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